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Bank anytime, anywhere.

Enjoy BB Americas Bank Personal Mobile App features and make your daily banking experience easier.

With BB Americas Mobile App you can:

View Account Balances

Check your account balance.

Deposit Checks²

Deposit checks from other U.S. Banks with just a few clicks.

Transfer Money

Make transfers between your own accounts.

Pay Bills using Bill Pay³

Pay and manage your bills with just a few clicks, by using the BB Americas Bank free online bill payment solution.

Search for ATMs & Branch Locations

Find our nearest Branches and/or ATMs.

Here’s how you begin: First, Enroll in Personal Online Banking. Then, Download the App.

Before you can access the BB Americas Mobile App, you will need to enroll in Personal Online Banking and establish a permanent password.

Once this is completed, you may proceed to download our Mobile App.

If you haven’t enrolled in Personal Online Banking yet, watch our tutorial to learn how.

How to download and access the BB Americas Bank Personal Mobile App:

For instructions on how to download and access the BB Americas Bank Personal Mobile App, watch the video tutorial or view our step-by-step guide.

The BB Americas Mobile App is available in the and .

Before you download our app, here are some important tips to assist you:


Verification Code Authentication may occur when:

  • You are traveling outside of your previously profiled geographic region;
  • You obtain a new device;
  • Periodically on a random basis to ensure continued security for the user.

Input of Incorrect Verification Code:
You have up to three attempts to enter the correct Verification Code when prompted. At the fourth attempt, you will be locked out and required to wait 24 hours to attempt to log in again. This is an automatic lockout and the Bank does not have the authority to unlock your access.

Incorrect Password:
Your password is blocked after three attempts. If your password is blocked, you may reset it by accessing the Online Banking environment.

Sprint Users:
Sprint users not receiving a “Verification Code” on their phone, proceed to text “Allow 32858” to “9999”. This will allow you to receive texts without an issue.

T-Mobile Users:
If you are unable to receive the “Verification Code” on your phone, proceed to contact T-Mobile and request that “Short Code” be unblocked.

¹Mobile Banking: To access the BB Americas Bank Mobile App you must have a smartphone with access to an app store. Mobile messages and data rates may apply.
²Mobile Check Deposit: Customer must be enrolled in BB Americas Bank Online Banking. Maximum deposit dollar limit of $5,000.00 within a 5 business day period. If the total sum of multiple mobile check deposits within 5 business days exceeds the allowed deposit maximum of $5,000.00, exceeding amount will be made available in increments of up to $5,000.00 every 5 business days.
Total deposit will be made available on the next business day after the day of deposit, if made prior to the cut-off time. The bank’s cut-off time is 4:00 p.m. EST. Deposits made on a weekend, federal holidays or after the 4:00 pm EST cut-off time will be processed on the following business day. Mobile deposit is only available on iPhone or Android mobile devices with picture capabilities. Mobile message and data rates may apply. Please speak to a BB Americas Bank representative and/or refer to BB Americas Mobile Banking Terms and Conditions for more information.
³Online Bill Pay: Some restrictions may apply. Bill Pay service is only available to clients who have a U.S. address listed on the account. Bill Pay may only be used for payments made to consumers and/or businesses located in the U.S..