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How to Pay Bills Online Using Bill Pay

Note: Some restrictions may apply. Bill Pay service is only available to clients who have a U.S. address listed on the account. Bill Pay may only be used for payments made to consumers and/or businesses located in the U.S..

1. On the main page, select the PLUS (+) Sign.

2. Click on Pay Bill.

3. Select accounts previously registered for payment or click on the (+) sign to add a new account to be paid.

4. If you choose to add a new payee, type the name (Ex: Rent) on the bar and then select the + Create a new “Rent” payee message that appears.

5. Fill in the fields as requested, and click Done to complete the process of adding a payee.

  • Payment Name
  • Funds Account Number
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Phone (Optional)

6. A message will be displayed confirming that the payee was successfully added. To initiate payment, select the desired payee, fill in the requested fields, and press Continue:

  • PAY FROM: Account from which funds will be debited
  • SEND ON: Earliest date on which payment will be sent
  • AMOUNT: Amount to be paid

7. The final step will be to Approve Payment. Verify all information previously entered for accuracy, and click Approve.