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BB Americas Bank savings solutions help you achieve your financial goals.

Not sure which account is right for you? Let us help you save and achieve your financial goals:

SavingsMoney MarketCD
Best Used For
  • Short-term goals, such as to create an emergency fund or to save for a vacation;
  • Those who are starting to save money;
  • Day-to-day savings.
  • Short to medium-term goals, such as saving for a big purchase, or to pay for expenses related to the purchase of a property;
  • Those who are willing to save for a longer period of time, earning a higher interest rate than that of a regular Savings account, who still need to have access to the money during this period of time.
  • Long-term goals, such as part of a retirement savings;
  • Those who are looking for competitive rates for a determined period of time, who will not need to have immediate access to their money.
How to Waive the Monthly FeeMaintain a minimum daily account balance of $300 on each day of the statement cycle.Maintain a minimum daily account balance of $1,000.00 on each day of the statement cycle.There is no maintenance fee for the CD account.
Is There a Limit of Transaction?Unlimited deposits.Unlimited deposits.No deposits allowed. Early withdrawal of funds, before the maturity date, will result in a penalty fee.

You may choose to open multiple accounts to diversify your portfolio. Choosing to open a Savings or Money Market account does not restrict you from opening a CD account.


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Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is accurate as of 10/24/2023. Rates are subject to change at any time at the discretion of BB Americas Bank.
¹The minimum balance required to obtain the advertised annual percentage yield on Personal and Business Savings Account is $1,000.
²Fees could reduce the earnings on the account. A penalty may be charged in the event of total or partial withdrawal of deposited funds before the maturity date of the CD. The early withdrawal penalty is taken from earnings of the CD account; in cases where the penalty is greater than the earnings in the CD account, the remainder will be taken from the initial deposit. The CD will automatically renew on the maturity date and the renewal rate applied will be the Bank’s rate in effect on the maturity date. Following the maturity of the CD, you will have a 10-calendar day grace period to withdraw your funds without penalty. If the CD is not renewed, the funds available in this account will not be subject to interest during this 10-day period. Online Banking and Mobile Banking services are only available with linked Checking or Money Market account.