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U.S Mailing and/or Residential Address Form Instructions

The IRS considers a U.S. address listed on a non-U.S. Person account record to be an indication of U.S Residency for U.S. Tax law purposes.

By IRS requirement, any non-U.S. Person must provide written explanation of a U.S. Mailing/Residential address referenced in an account record held at a U.S. Financial Institution.

If you completed a Form W-8BEN and included a U.S. Mailing/Residential address in your account records with BB Americas Bank, written explanation must be provided of your U.S. mailing/permanent residence address by completing, dating and signing the “U.S. Mailing and/or Residential Address Form”.

Where to send the form:

Please submit the U.S. Mailing and/or Residential Address Form completed, dated and signed via Personal Online Banking or by mail. Learn how:

Personal Online Banking

Log in to your Personal Online Banking Account:

  1. Click on Tools and Services and select Requests:
  2. From the list of available options, choose Transfer File:
  3. To begin, click on Transfer File:
  4. Select Browse to upload the desired document. Enter a Description and click Submit.
  5. Keep track of your uploaded files under the Histórico de Upload de Arquivo | File Upload History section:


Mailing address

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