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How to Setup Automatic Bill Payments

1. Access the credit card website. Enter your Username and click on “Login”.

2. Enter your Password, then click on “Submit”.

3. Answer your Challenge Question to login:

4. Click on Bill Payment, then click on “Make a Payment”.

5. To add an account, enter the routing number. Then, click on “Submit”.

6. Fill out the necessary information regarding your bank account.

7. Then, click on “Submit”.

8. Once you have added your bank account successfully, click on “Continue”.

9. Once you have added the bank account, select it from the “Pay from” option below. Then, select your desire option, “Monthly” or “One Time”, from the “Frequency” Option. You can choose to automatically pay the minimum balance due, the statement balance, the current balance, or another amount. Then click on “Continue”.

10. After selecting all the information, confirm that all your payment, information entries are correct and agree to the terms of payment by clicking on “I Agree”.