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Sports in Art/Speed & Motion Exhibit:

Exhibition from November 09th 2015 to January 29th 2016

BB Americas Bank Cultural Series opens exhibition featuring art creations inspired by the captivating and passionate universe of sports. Race car driver Helio Castroneves confirms his presence.

Race car driver Helio Castroneves and 22-time IndyCar winner – and let’s not forget his 2007 win at DWS (Dancing with the Stars) – was the inspiration for mixed-media design artist Rod Davila’s work, and his custom sculpture will be featured in Sports in Art/Speed & Motion, fifth installment of BB Americas Bank Cultural Series. “It is an honor to be part of this great event where art and sports take the same turn. When Rod contacted me saying that he would like to make a sculpture inspired on my career I was very excited, I love what I do and have someone as Rod to capture my passion is unique. “I am sure everyone will be amazed by the works that these artists put together,” said Castroneves.

The Indy champion has already confirmed his presence at the opening event on Monday, November 9 at the BB Americas Bank Brickell branch, featuring works by Rod Davila, Jotape, Sami Akl and Soco Freire. All with one thing in common, art inspired by sports, speed and motion.

While Davila introduces us to his custom artwork for Helio Castroneves, reflecting how he is inspired by the driver’s accomplishments, Brazilian born and Florida based artist Soco Freire has also been allured by the intensity of the racetracks as she recently completed her second installation celebrating renowned and iconic Formula 1 champion Ayrton Senna.

Sami Akl, known for his portraits of famous people, developed a mixed, sophisticated and unique technique that combines collage, painting and drawing in his art. His interpretation of faces and scenes are magnetic. For this exhibition, Sami will unveil some original and never-before-seen theme related portraits.
The event will also include an abstract acrylic on canvas by Jotape, inspired by the passion for sports, particularly soccer. The painter who travelled all over the world blends his emotions and feelings, and the result is an array of vibrant and colorful paintings.

The original work featured in Sports in Art/Speed & Motion exhibit is a powerful source of inspiration in so many ways and a perfect theme for the 2015 closing installment of BB Americas Bank Cultural Events Series. “We started the cultural series as a way to continue the bank’s cultural mission to support artists and to participate in the community growth””, says Antonio Cassio Segura, President and CEO of BB Americas Bank.

Twenty five years ago, Banco do Brasil S.A. established the mission of promoting local artists and community diversity in the South America country, creating the CCBBs, Cultural Centers in Belo Horizonte, Brasília, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. The CCBBs have been the venue for 3,500 projects, 12,000 events, and welcomed over 60 million visitors in Brazil. The Cultural Series in Miami is an initiative of BB Americas Bank.

Miami artist Rod Davila draws inspiration for his artwork on the design principles of contextual awareness. When his art career began in 2009, his first sculptures were a way to express his creativity, without the limitations and constraints of modern manufacturing processes. In time he refined his style to create abstract, organic works of art to inspire the viewers’ imagination into a purely aesthetic experience. Davila’s work is characterized by bold, iconic forms, with long and sweeping curves. His sculptures use the available light in their environment, as if the artist were “painting” with highlights and shadows.

Jotape describes his paintings as figurative abstractions. He credits growing up in Brazil surrounded by rich colors, music and traditions to the translation of elements on his canvasses. He perceives his paintings as pure reflection of his life journey and as figurative abstractions representing things that aren’t visual, such as emotion or sound. His art works are simplifications of reality, where details are eliminated from recognizable objects leaving only the essence of the feeling.

Sami Akl is the first son of four children. Sami began with scribbles on paper rolls at five years old. Next, he worked on paintings in oil on canvas, research techniques and themes, sculptures and furniture. With the experience acquired, mixed artist Sami developed a sophisticated technique and became known for his portraits of famous celebrities and expressive faces.

Soco Freire achieves topographical images through such materials as gesso, molding gel, and sea shells. Her mixed media works on canvas feature loose, painterly abstraction and neo-impressionism while she applies principles of design to traditional painting. Utilizing a wide array of media, Freire’s emphasis on color achieves an abundance of emotionality and dynamism concurrent with her creativity. Freire currently lives and works in Florida. She recently worked with Red Bull Canvas Cooler featuring two editions. She is participating for the third year at Art Basel Miami and currently exhibiting her artwork at the Louvre, Paris.

Sports in Art/Speed & Motion Exhibition – 5th BB Americas Bank Cultural Series
Where: BB Americas Bank Brickell Branch @ 800 Brickell Avenue, Suite 103, Miami 33131
Gallery Hours: the exhibit will be open Monday thru Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the BB Americas Bank Brickell branch.