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Internal Transfers

Cost: Free
Receive money in: Immediately
Limits: None

1. Access our website. Login to your Online Banking Account.

2. Under the Money Movement menu option, select Transfer.

3. Fill in the information requested as shown below. Click Continue.

Note: For recurring transfers, you will also have to fill in the following fields: Frequency informing the frequency with which the transfer should occur, Start Date informing the initial date of the transfer, and End On, informing for how long the transfer should recur.

4. Review the transaction details and choose the action that best applies: Submit, Edit, or Cancel.

5. After you select Submit Transfer, your transfer is complete and the reference number for the transaction will appear. If you wish to make another transfer, select Make Another Transfer.

6. If you performed a Recurring Transaction, it would appear under the Activity section. You may revisit this section at any time and View Details of your recurring transfer, Edit the transfer, or Delete the recurring transfer.