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How to Send a Wire Transfer

The Wire Transfer service allows you to create one-time wires or set up template-based wires for recurring use.

Follow the Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Access the BB Americas Bank website, click on Access My Account and select Business.

2. Enter your Company ID and User ID and click Login.

3. You will be redirected to a new page. Enter your Password and click Sign In.

Attention: Whenever you sign in to your Online Banking on a new device or browser, you will need to confirm your identity by Verification Code. There are two ways you can receive a verification code: SMS Text or Phone Call (We advise you to mute your phone, as the call is sensitive to noise).

4. On the main menu select Money Movement and then select Wire.

5. Fill in the Debit information fields following the instructions below:

a. Wire Type: Select the type of wire to use.

  1. Domestic Wire– Send money to other accounts at other U.S. Banks;
  2. Foreign currency international wire– Send an international wire to banks outside the US in the foreign currency of the destination country;
  3. USD international wire– Send an international wire to banks outside the U.S. in USD currency.

b. Template Name: Optional – Use this field to create a template for recurring transfers;
c. Account: Select the account to be debited from the drop-down list;
d. Send on date: Select the date for the wire transfer request to take place;
e. Amount: Dollar amount of the wire;
f. Currency: The currency type for the money (only applies if you have chosen Foreign currency international wire);
g. Click Continue.

6. Fill in the Recipient information:

    Bank ID type: (ABA, SWIFT, CHIPS);
    Bank ID: (Required) Enter the 9-digit bank routing and transit number. If you do not know the routing number use the tool Bank ID Search to locate it;
    Bank Name: (Required) Enter the name of the financial institution to receive the wire transfer;
    Bank Address 1: (Required) Enter the recipient’s bank address;
    Bank Address 2: (Required) Enter the recipient’s bank address;
    Bank Address 3: (Optional) Enter the recipient’s bank address;
    Recipient Account: (Required) ) Enter the recipient’s account number;
    Recipient Name: (Required) Enter the recipient’s name;
    Recipient Address 1: (Required) Enter the recipient’s address;
    Recipient Address 2: (Required) Enter the recipient’s address;
    Recipient Address 3: (Optional) Enter the recipient’s address;
    Additional information for recipient: (Required) Enter the purpose of the wire and any additional information deemed important for the recipient.

7. If necessary, use the fields First Intermediary Information, Second Intermediary Information to provide information about an intermediary bank. Otherwise, leave them blank.

8. The Wire Initiator Information fields appear pre-filled for you. Verify the information and then click Continue.

9. The Verify Wire page appears. Certify that the information is accurate, then click on Approve to send the wire to approval or click on Submit for approval, if additional approval from someone within your company must be obtained prior to the processing of the wire. Please note that if the Submit for Approval option is selected, your wire will be held in the Approve Wires section within the Business Online Banking until someone with approval permission in your company approves it.

10. Wire Confirmation page:

Attention: If you company has been setup with Dual Approval all necessary approvals must be carried out to start Wire processing. To approve, the user with approval permission simply accesses the Approvals option on the Business Online Banking access home page and selects Transactions to view and approve wires pending approval.

Example of approval page: