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Wire Transfers International

Cost: $30*
Receive money in: 1-5 Business Days**
Limits: None

*$30 through a BBA Branch. International Wire Transfers may incur additional costs from the Intermediary Bank.
**The cut-off time to submit a same-day wire request for processing is 2:00 PM (Miami Time). Please note that wire requests with incorrect information, will not be processed and a new request will need to be initiated. You are liable for any and all wire transfer requests performed through the Online Banking, using your login credentials.

1. Access our website. Login to your Online Banking Account:

2. Under the menu option “Money Movement”, choose “Wire Transfer”:

3. Read and Accept the “Wire Agreement”:

4. Fill out the available fields following the below instructions:

a. Under “Wire Type” – Choose the Wire Transfer type you wish to make:
i. Choose Domestic Wire: To send money to other accounts within the USA
ii. Choose International Wire: To send money to other accounts outside the USA

b. Wire Name: Include a name for the wire

c. Debit Account: Choose your Debit Account

d. Amount: Enter the amount you want to send in Dollars

e. Frequency: Choose the frequency of your wire. If this is a one-time wire, choose “Once”

f. Transfer Dates:
i. Choose “Transfer Now” to send the wire on today’s date. Note: This option only appears, when wire request are placed before the 2pm cut-off time.
ii. Choose “Select Date”: To send your wire on a future date.

g. Select “Continue” to proceed.

5. Leave all the information displayed under “Debit Information” as is:

6. “Receiving domestic (U.S.) bank information”: The Information regarding the intermediary bank comes prefilled for you.
*Bank to bank information: Enter the purpose for your wire. Wires received without a “Purpose of Wire” will not be processed.

7. “Receiving Bank Information”, is the person or company receiving the wire.

  • Account number/IBAN: Enter the recipient’s account number or IBAN (international bank account number)
  • Account Name: Enter the recipient’s (beneficiary) account name.
  • Address: Enter the recipient’s address information.
  • City, country: Enter the recipient’s city and country
  • information in the City, Country field.

  • Additional Information: You can also enter any additional information.

8. Under “Recipient’s Foreign Bank Information”:

  • Bank ID Type: choose “BIC/Swift”
  • Bank ID: Enter the corresponding “BIC/Swift” number of the recipient (beneficiary’s) Foreign bank
  • Bank Name: Enter the name of the recipient’s (beneficiary’s) Foreign Bank
  • Bank Address: Enter the recipient’s foreign bank in the Bank address field
  • Bank city, country: Enter the city and country information of the recipient’s foreign bank

9. Select “Continue” to proceed.

10. Review the information of your request and select “Submit Wire” to complete your wire request:

11. The confirmation of wire request appears:

* A receipt confirming the transaction is sent from alerts@bbamericas.com

12. To monitor the status of your request, from the Wire Transfer sub-menu option select the “Scheduled” option.

13. The status of you wire will be displayed under the “Status” column: