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How to use Bill Pay

Manage and schedule payments using the BB Americas Bank Bill Pay service through the Online Banking system.

You can receive due date reminders, view pending or processed payments and pay vendors and/or companies using our database of pre-registered companies.

Note: Bill Pay service is only available to clients who have a U.S. address listed on the account. Bill Pay may only be used for payments made to consumers and/or businesses located in the U.S.. Refer to the Schedule of Fees for related fees.

Follow the instructions below to get started:

1. Access the BB Americas Bank website, click on Access My Account and select Business.

2. Enter your Company ID and User ID, and click Login.

3. You will be redirected to a new page. Enter your Password and click Sign In.

Attention: Whenever you sign in to your Online Banking on a new device or browser, you will need to confirm your identity by Verification Code validation. There are two ways you can receive a verification code: SMS Text or Phone Call (We advise you to mute your phone, as the call is sensitive to noise).

4. On the main menu, click Money Movement and select Bill Pay.

5. Select Add Payee to add a new individual or company you’d like to pay.

6. Select one of the options below, Add a Popular Payee in Your Area or Enter any Person or Business to add a new account. Click Add.

7. Fill out the information for the desired Person or Company you wish to pay and click Confirm.

8. To approve transactions, select Approvals. Select the transaction you’d like to approve and click Submit.

9. To schedule an account to be paid, click on Make Payments and select the person or business you’d like to pay. Enter the Amount and desired date for the account to be paid on the column Send On. Then select Confirm all Payments.

10. Confirm the information entered and click Confirm.

11. Confirmation page:

12. Select Activity to view Scheduled Activity in Bill Pay.

13. To view recent payments, history, and status, select History.

14. Select Resources to view other options in Bill Pay.