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How to Reset Password

1. Visit the BB Americas website, click on Access My Account and select BB Remessa.

2. On the welcome page, click on Forgot Username/Password to reset password.

3. Before you can reset your password, you will be prompted to confirm your identity by receiving a Verification Code. To reset your password, select Password. Enter your full Tax ID, your Date of Birth, as listed on your BB Americas Bank account record, and your BB Remessa Portal Username. Click Next to continue.

4. Select your preferred delivery method to receive the Verification Code, by text message or email and click Send Code.

5. Insert the verification code and click Next to continue.

6. After your identity has been successfully verified, you are ready to establish a new password. Create a new password and click Next.

7. Your new password was created successfully. You will be redirected to your BB Remessa portal.