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How to Enroll and View your Account e-Statements

Receive a monthly notification by email that your statement is available.

Signing up for e-statements through the Online Banking reduces the risk of your statements getting lost in the mail and identity theft. Go paperless with e-statements and keep them organized, safely stored and accessible at any time.

Make the switch and register through our Online Banking today to enroll for e-statements.

1. Access our website. Log in to your account.

2. From the main menu, select Accounts and choose the Statements option:

3. The statements for existing accounts will be available to be viewed and printed.

4. To view and open the e-statements of a particular account, click on e-Statement next to the account number desired.

a. The e-statement for previous months is listed on the menu to the right side of the page.
b. Your complete account number is listed at the top of the page.