Online Banking

If you are on-the-go or find it difficult to manage your finances, BB Americas online banking will brighten your days.

With BB Americas online banking being equipped to serve as a branch on your digital device of choice, you will be able to access all of your account information as well as pay bills anytime, anywhere.

Online Banking

Ways in which Online Banking can benefit you:

Balance Inquiries

Inquiring about your balance has never been easier than with our online banking. Monitor all your transactions and stay on top of money entering or leaving your account at all times.

Want to start checking your balances online?

Balance Inquiries

Internal Transfers

Transfers between your BB Americas' Accounts

The perfect and most convenient way to transfer money between your accounts* without visiting a branch. Money can be transferred between checking, savings and money market as long as they are all under the same BB Americas account ownership.

*Not applicable for CD account.
Internal Transfers


Receive your monthly statements easily and conveniently by email. Signing up for e-statements through the online banking reduces the risk of your statements getting lost in the mail and identity theft.

Go paperless with e-statements and keep them organized, safely stored and accessible at any time you wish.

Make the switch.

to online banking today to enroll for e-statements.


Account Alerts

Get peace of mind and stay on top of your finances by setting up your account with our alerts service.

You can choose the alert you wish to receive: Whether it’s to inform you about low account balances to avoid overdraft fees, remind you of an upcoming bill or let you know a direct deposit has been made into your account.

You can also set up to receive alerts via e-mail or through the online banking.

Our alerts service is here to help you closely monitor your finances.

Learn How

Update of Personal Information

Keep your contact information updated at all times and stay up to date with BB Americas.

For Email address and US Telephone Number updates, simply log in to your online banking account and follow the steps below:

For Email address update:

  1. Select “Profile” from the main menu bar;
  2. Scroll down to the “E-mail” section and click “Edit”;
  3. Enter and Confirm your new e-mail;
  4. Select “Save” to complete the update;

For US Phone updates:

  1. Select “Profile” from the main menu bar;
  2. Scroll down to the “Phone” section and click “Edit”;
  3. Include the new numbers you wish to add;
  4. Select “Save” to complete the update;

*Please remember to include an Area Code with all phone number updates.

For International Telephone Number (outside of the USA) and Address update:

Please contact our 24/7 Client Service at:

+1-855-377-2555 or +305-350-1100

Brazil Client Service: 4007-2260 or 0800 600 4151
24/7 Client Service

Account Informtion

Check Images

Look up your check history online without having to wait for your monthly statement. You can print or save your images on your computer, laptop or smartphone allowing you to keep your finances up-to-date and organized.

*Does not require special enrollment.

Check Images

Online Bill Pay1

Pay and manage your bills with just a few clicks, by using the BB Americas free online bill payment tool through the online banking.

You can receive due date reminders, view completed or pending payments, pay vendors and/or companies using our searchable data base or if needed, use our overnight check service* for last minute payments.

Schedule of Fees.

To get started, to your bank Account.

*Refer to the Schedule of Fees for related fees.

Online Bill Pay


Securely send, request and receive money with just about anyone using an email address or mobile device.

Sending money
Send money securely from your BB Americas account to family and friends with their email or mobile number.

Requesting money
Request money easily from family and friends with their email or mobile numbers.

To get started, to your bank Account.


Account to Account Transfer2

Transfer money from your BB Americas account to your own account at any other financial institution with ease. Simply login to your online account to initiate a transaction.

Account to Account Transfer

Mobile Banking2

Through BB Americas TouchBanking mobile app you can have quick access to your accounts allowing you to conveniently check your balances, deposit checks, find your nearest ATM or branch and transfer money between your accounts.

Download the app “TouchBanking” from your App Store or Google Play and activate it using the code GoMobile0977.

Mobile Banking

Benefits you will get with Mobile Banking:

View Account Balances

Manage your money on the go, check your daily balances and keep track of your spending through the BB Americas TouchBanking mobile app.

Want to start checking your balances online? Download the app “TouchBanking”

View Account Balances

Mobile Check Deposit3

Deposit checks on the go with your smartphone. No more visits to the ATM or a branch. TouchBanking mobile app makes it easy and convenient from your phone.

1. Open the TouchBanking app and log in to your BB Americas online banking account.

2. On the menu option, select “Deposit”

3. Take a picture of your check; when ready to make deposit, click “Deposit” button.

New to Mobile?
Download the app “TouchBanking” to get started

Mobile Check Deposit

ATM & Branch Locator

BB Americas is affiliated with some of the largest ATM Networks in the US.

Find an ATM or Branch from anywhere your day takes you using BB Americas TouchBanking mobile app. It’s the easiest way to connect with our ATM network on the go.

Find your closest ATM, here

New to Mobile? Download the app “TouchBanking” to get started

ATM & Branch Locator

Mobile Transfers

Move money between your BB Americas accounts* with just a few clicks on your smartphone or tablet using our BB Americas TouchBanking app.

*Not applicable for CD account.

New to Mobile? Download the app “TouchBanking” to get started

Mobile Transfers

Make Payments

Make payments conveniently and safely. Through BB Americas TouchBanking mobile app you are able to make payments on the go to efficiently manage your bills and stay on top of your finances.

Simply enroll to the Bill Pay service through the online banking and access it on your mobile device of choice.

New to Mobile? Download the app “TouchBanking” to get started

Make Payments

Other Services:

Apple Pay4

Experience a whole new way to pay with your Apple device.

By adding your eligible BB Americas card(s) to your Apple Pay account, you can start using your latest compatible Apple device to make purchases at your favorite spots, while keeping track of your spending.

It's simple to use:

  • Add your eligible card to your Apple Pay account
  • Look for the icons at checkout (include Apple Pay icons)
  • Hold your device near the contactless readerspan
  • Activate with your finger on TouchID

It's secure:

  • Your card number is never visible by the merchant; Apple Pay creates a code for each purchase, that way your payments are secure.
Learn How to Enroll FAQ

Debit Card

Make purchases online and in stores, with your BB Americas Debit Card, wherever Visa is accepted. Plus, enjoy access to our powered network of ATM’s through Allpoint, Plus, Presto and Star Network allowing cash withdrawals in the US and in foreign countries where Visa is accepted. Debit cards are available for personal and business checking accounts.

To learn more about daily Point of Sale (POS), ATM Withdrawal Limits and Foreign Transaction fee with your BB Americas debit card, please refer to our FAQ or to the Terms & Conditions of your account.

Locate an ATM near you.

Click Here to choose and open a BB Americas checking account

Debit Card

Sweep Protection

Don’t worry when you are short of money on your checking account; this can happen to anyone, and we are here to help you.

With BB Americas Sweep Transfer, you can have peace of mind and avoid over drafting your account.

How it works? Sweep Transfer links your checking account to your other BB Americas Money Market, Savings or additional Checking accounts and automatically transfers money when overdraft happens.

Refer to our Schedule of Fees for the service fee.

Sweep Protection

Order Checks

Need to reorder checks? We have different options available to fit your lifestyle!

1.Online Ordering:
You can order checks online with our preferred vendor DeluxeR

Placing an order is easy!

Visit DeluxeR .

If you wish to place an order online with DeluxeR, please have the following information ready:

  • Full legal name
  • Reachable phone number
  • Financial institution name and 9-digit routing/transit number
    (as printed on the bottom left of checks)
  • Account number (as printed on the bottom of the check)
  • Name and address to be printed on checks
  • Shipping address (if different from address printed on checks)

2. Through our Client Service

3. Visiting a BB Americas branch

Order Checks

Visa Purchase Alerts5

Know where your Money is Going. Get alerts on your mobile phone or e-mail for transactions in real-time and immediately identify potentially fraudulent activity.

Available Notifications:

  • Reaching a purchase amount threshold
  • International Purchases (Outside of the USA)
  • Purchases made on the internet or over the Phone

Enrolling is easy:

  1. Check if your card is eligible
  2. Register your mobile device and e-mail to receive Visa Purchase Alerts
  3. Choose the Notification of your choice

Get Started!

Learn How to Enroll

Visa Purchase Alerts

International Transfers from Brazil6

If you would like to make international transfers from your Banco do Brasil S.A. account to your BB Americas account, please access your Banco do Brasil S.A. online banking at

For a complete guide on how to send money from Brazil to the United States, click here.

Banco do Brasil S.A. allows clients to transfer from its website up to 4 “Ordens de Pagamento” of U$3,000 for a maximum limit of U$ 12,000 per month. Transfer will be credit to the BB Americas account within 2-5 business days.

Banco do Brasil S.A. requires that the client originating the international wire transfer must keep the income information updated. Please contact your branch in Brazil for more information on how to avoid restrictions for the transfer.

International Transfers from Brazil
1 Online Bill Pay: Some restrictions may apply. Service available only for individuals who possess a valid Social Security Number and reside in the USA.
2 Mobile App available on select devices through US App Store. Must be enrolled in online banking. Mobile messages and data rates may apply.
3 Client must be enrolled in BB Americas online banking. Daily deposit limits of $5,000 apply. Checks are subject to Funds Availability (Refer to the bank’s Funds Availability Policy). Mobile deposit is only available on iPhone or Android mobile devices with picture capabilities. Mobile message and data rates may apply. Please speak to a BB Americas representative and/or refer to BB Americas Mobile Banking Terms and Conditions for more information.
4 Apple Pay is only available for BB Americas consumer credit cards and debit cards. Apple Pay is available on select Apple devices. For compatible devices, go to Mobile data rates may apply. Apple, the Apple logo, Apple Pay, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Touch ID are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
5 Visa Purchase Alerts are applicable only to BB Americas Consumer Debit and Credit Cards; not to the Business Debit nor Credit Cards.
6 Receive Transfers from Brazil: Transfer must be made from a deposit account at Banco do Brasil S.A. to a checking or money market account at BB Americas. Access your account at You may make up to 4 transfers of $3,000 each for a maximum amount of $12,000 during a 30 day period. Talk to your account manager at BB S.A Branch in Brazil if you need to transfer more than $12,000.

Apple, the Apple logo and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Supported devices: iPhone 3GS. 4.4S. 5 or higher models. Apple iOS 5.0.1 or newer. Note: The iPhone 3G is no longer supported on the newest version of Apple's OS. Any current users that have already downloaded the APP on their phone will continue to be able to use it (and use Mobile Capture once activated), but no new users will be able to enroll with an iPhone 3G.

Android is a trademark of Google Inc. Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc. Supported devices: Android (Froyo) 2.2 or newer, cameras with 2.0 + Megapixel resolution and autofocus, either touch screen or keyboard phones.
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