Money Market1

Maximizing your earnings in a strong currency while keeping easy access to your money.


Account Details:

  • Easily manage your account online at all times
  • Earn more as your daily balance grows with interest compounded daily
  • Unlimited deposits and ATM withdrawals, and up to 6 additional transactions per month
  • Safe and insured by the FDIC

Plus, 24/7 Customer Service and Live Chat assistance.

To avoid $20 maintenance fee:

  • The balance of the account may not fall bellow $1,000 any day of the statement cycle.

Choose to Open your Account:

FAQs | We are here to help

The Money Market account is a tiered account that offers different interest rates according to the total available balance for the full monthly cycle. The account offers daily liquidity. You are able to make unlimited deposits and ATM Withdrawals along with an additional six transactions per month. There is a minimum balance requirement to earn interest and to waive the monthly service fee.

Here is how you can add funds to your account:

  • Make a check deposit remotely using our TouchBanking Mobile App
  • Schedule a Direct Deposit to your account
  • Send a wire transfer from another bank
  • Transfer money between your own BB Americas accounts via the Online Banking
  • Make a deposit at a BB Americas ATM
  • Make a deposit at a local branch
  • Mail a check to:
    • BB Americas
    • P.O BOX 11071
    • Miami, FL 33131-9958

Accessing your money is simple. You can:

  • Money Market account holders: You are able to make unlimited deposits and ATM withdrawals along with six additional withdrawals and/or transfer per statement cycle, based on Federal Regulation D.

Regulation D is a federal law that limits the number of transactions you can make on non-transactional accounts, such as Savings and Money Market accounts. Regulation D allows you to make six transfers and/or withdrawals per statement cycle, according to the criteria shown below. Any additional transaction made after that will incur a $20.00 excessive activity fee. If you continue to exceed these limits, the bank will notify you and your account will be closed or converted into a regular checking account. See below the types of transactions impacted by Regulation D:


Transfers and Withdrawals


Transfers and Withdrawals

  • In person (at a branch or shared banching service center)
  • At an ATM
  • By mail or messenger
  • Unlimited deposits/transfers can be made into a savings and/or money market account

Transfers to another account of the same owner at the same financial institution when made:

  • For loan payments

Withdrawals made by telephone only when:

  • The transaction results in a check mailed to that member.

  • Preauthorized Transactions
  • Automatic transfers (scheduled ACH withdrawals)
  • Telephone (including automated telephone banking)
  • Fax
  • Online banking or mobile banking
  • Checks
  • Automatic orverdraft transfers
  • Point of sale transactions with ATM or debit card
  • Any other similar order payable to third parties

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1 This account only offers e-statements. You must enroll in Online Banking within 30 days after the account is opened. For US Citizens or Permanent Residents: Outgoing transfers are available through the Online Banking A2A, BILL PAY, POPMONEY. Transfer restrictions will apply. Foreign clients without a Social Security Number: Outgoing transfers can be conducted through Customer Service or at a local branch. The option to write checks and to send wire transfers from an e-Money Market account is only available if you have an active account and signature card on file with the bank. Transfer restrictions will apply. Federal regulations limit certain types of transfers or withdrawals, point of sale transactions and checks to a maximum combined total of six (6) per month. If the account exceeds the monthly limit, an Excessive Activity fee of $20.00 applies. Clients who continue to exceed these limits will be notified by the bank and the account will be closed or converted to a checking account. Your account may no longer earn interest.
2Mobile Banking: To access the Mobile App you must have a smartphone with access to a US app store. Mobile messages and data rates may apply.
Mobile Check Deposit: Customer must be enrolled in BB Americas online banking. Daily deposit limits of $5,000 apply. Checks are subject to Funds Availability (Refer to the bank’s Funds Availability Policy). Mobile deposit is only available on iPhone or Android mobile devices with picture capabilities. Mobile message and data rates may apply. Please speak to a BB Americas representative and/or refer to BB Americas Mobile Banking Terms and Conditions for more information.
Online Bill Pay & Popmoney: Some restrictions may apply. The service is not available for clients without a Social Security number and/or that reside outside the USA.
Send Transfers to Brazil: Transfers must be made from a BB Americas checking or money market account to Banco do Brasil S.A. A valid CPF is required for the beneficiary in Brazil. Access your BB Americas online account at and select BB Remessa Link. Limits: Minimum Amount $15; Maximum Daily Limit $2,999.99 (Maximum equivalent to R$9.999,99); Monthly Maximum Amount: $50,000. Additional Fees may apply.
ATMs: Visit to find a BB Americas surcharge-free ATM.

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