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Debit Card Activation

1 – Click on Debit Card Activation in our website or click on the link debitcardactivation.bbamericas.com.

2 – Type your name.

3 – Select the language.

4 – Select Debit Card Activation or Debit Card PIN Reset.

5 – Enter the 16 digits of your Debit Card.

6 – Enter your personal information.

6.1 – Enter the Validation Code.

6.2 – Validation Code Example.

6.3 – Validation Code Example.

7 – Enter your new PIN and confirm.

8 – The process has been completed. An e-mail was sent to you confirming if the request was successfully completed or if it has failed.

9 – Request Successfully Completed E-mail Example.

9.1 – Request Failed E-mail Example.