Sponsorship Program

BB Americas sponsors cultural, sports-related or projects complied with the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) in the communities in which we work. This initiative is part of our BB Americas Sponsorship Program.

In order to make the selection and implementation process for these sponsorships as transparent as possible, BB Americas announces to the public that its cultural and sports projects selection process is open to proposals in the months of November and December of every year, for projects beginning on January 15 and ending on December 31 of the following year.

To submit your proposal, please read the rules and complete the form below:


These efforts should focus on achieving market share and promoting the institution, with emphasis on developing strategies that will enable BB Americas to generate business and improve its brand name recognition.

Outcomes of outreach efforts are evaluated based on the following:

  1. Image enhancement – performance of the Bank's near-term to long-range institutional image, whether measurable or not – arising from the securing of our brand position and improving client relations;
  2. Increased business – improving business performance for products and services throughout the course of the project, and increasing revenue that brings measurable economic or financial benefit to the bank.

Support guidelines:

Support may be provided to groups, associations, foundations, private companies or NGOs, and may involve cultural development and/or sports-related programs, activities and projects in the community served by BB Americas.

Types of support:

  1. One-Off Events – support for events that involve business, marketing and/or institutional opportunities, without recurring sponsorship from BB Americas.
  2. Recurring Sponsorship – events that receive recurring sponsorship from BB Americas, whether as exhibitor or sponsor.


Sponsorship by BB Americas will be considered following examination of projects submitted. In order to qualify, candidates must show proof of at least two (2) years of experience and prior performance.

BB Americas' participation as a project sponsor is also subject to budget constraints.

All sponsorships are related to qualifying events located within the community served by BB Americas.

  1. Candidates should submit their proposals by e-mail to: sponsorshipprogram@bbamericas.com.
  2. BB Americas assumes no liability whatsoever for technical and/or content- related problems involving proposals submitted via e-mail. Proposals delivered in person or submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.
  3. BB Americas don’t sponsor events performed by religious organizations or events with a political theme.
  4. Payments of approved sponsorships will, preferably, be made to BB Americas accounts.


  1. Proposals must include projects to be undertaken within the timeframe running from January 15 through December 31 of the year following their submission.
  2. The "Project Sponsorship Proposal Form”, available at www.bbamericas.com, must be completed and submitted with the proposal.
  3. Applicant must license BB Americas to publish images and use products of the sponsored project in the Bank's institutional outreach efforts and promotional materials at no additional cost.


  1. Proposals must be presented between November and December of the year preceding the event proposed.
  2. Proposals presented after the above deadline will be disqualified and ineligible for the selection process.

Analysis and selection period:

All proposals will be analyzed during the period of January 1 until January 31.

Approved projects announcement date:

Proposals selected to receive BB Americas sponsorship will be announced until the first week of February of the following year, that is, the year the project is to be undertaken.


  1. Projects will be analyzed by BB Americas.
  2. This analyze will include: review the content submitted for each project (classifying them according to its characteristics, as institutional, commercial or both) and decision if the project is or isn’t approved.
  3. The following technical aspects of each project will be evaluated:
    1. Complied with BB Americas' Sponsorship Policies and general guidelines;
    2. The reasoning for the goals and purposes of each project proposed;
    3. Relevance of the proposal from a local context perspective;
    4. Social and Cultural Relevance: the project's contribution to the development of communities served by BB Americas;
    5. Local marketing standpoint: the needs of the community in which the event is supposed to occur;
    6. Technical and professional capacity of the organizers: logistical structure for putting on the event and prior experience in similar events;
    7. Ability to enter into strategic partnerships: potential for imparting continuity to the proposed event through effective partnering efforts;
    8. Appropriateness of the budget proposed, setting forth the responsibilities of each partner;
    9. Feasibility of the timetable for setting up the proposed project, and
    10. Outreach Plan.
  4. Successful candidates will be notified directly of the approval of their projects and schedules.
  5. Decisions are final and BB Americas may fail to approve the sponsorship of any project, at any point, depending on its quality or violation of any item displayed on this program.


  1. In submitting their projects to the BB Americas Sponsorship Program, all candidates agree to fully perform the terms of the proposal approved, and to create their promotional material in accordance with technical specifications set forth by BB Americas.
  2. The applicant will submit a final report indicating the results achieved with accountability, within 30 days after completion of the project. Failure to do so will indicate that the candidate is indebted to the BB Americas, preventing new sponsorship requests, so long as the report is not submitted, but without prejudice to any other reasonable administrative action.
  3. In the event of contractual nonperformance, in whole or in part, BB Americas may unilaterally cancel any sponsorship funding, in whole or in part, in proportion to said contractual nonperformance.


  1. BB Americas' Sponsorship Program may be suspended or canceled, in whole or in part, on account of political or economic developments, by court order or regulatory action, or as decided for cause by BB Americas.
  2. Selection of a project does not imply allocation of the funding amount solicited. BB Americas reserves the right to pass on financing for each project, based on considerations offered and negotiations conducted among the parties.

Proposals should be submitted to the email: sponsorshipprogram@bbamericas.com
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