Color Beyond Symmetry and Horizons

BB Americas Bank, returns on June 11th with Color Beyond Symmetry and Horizons. BB Americas Bank invited recognized curators Maria A. Napoles and Jade Matarazzo, who assembled a trio of world-renowned artists comprised by two painters, Robert Swedroe (USA) and Didi Marchi (Brazil) and sculptor Othón Castañeda (Mexico). The exhibit will take place in the bank’s Brickell branch located at 800 Brickell Avenue, Suite 103. Admission is free and open to the public. Color Beyond Symmetry and Horizons is the fourth exhibit in the company’s cultural series. The series was created to continue Banco Do Brasil’s Cultural Center’s mission of promoting local artists and community diversity. Located in Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Banco do Brasil’s Cultural Centers were created 25 years ago as multidisciplinary art spaces with regular programming. To date, the Cultural Centers have been the venue for 3,500 projects, 12,000 events and have welcomed over 60 million visitors. “We started the cultural series as a way to continue the bank’s cultural mission and as a means to support Miami-based artists and curators”, said President and CEO of BB Americas Bank Antonio Cassio Segura. “We want the community to know that we are a local bank, with a local vision and want to be part of Miami’s growth.”

As in previous exhibits, BB Americas Bank invited two curators, the first of which is Maria Napoles, a Cuban – American entrepreneur who has devoted her life to the arts. After presiding over ArteAmericas, Maria founded Maria’s Art Momentum Gallery and was appointed by the Mayor of Miami as an Honorary Member of Miami’s Arts & Entertainment Council for the City of Miami. Maria brought Mexican sculptor Othón Castañeda to join the exhibit. As a visual artist and architect, his work is characterized by anthropomorphic, spatial and organic allusions exploring concepts such as selfhood, existence and sexuality thru nonobjective references to human figure. Throughout his tridimensional sculptures, he explores abstraction as sublimation from reality challenging common imagery and historical opposition.

The second curator is Brazilian, Jade Matarazzo who began shaping her photography background in Switzerland where she studied Fine Arts and began her career. Through years of solo exhibitions and interactions with other artists, Jade developed her vision for a more culturally diverse exchange. As an independent curator, Jade has pioneered projects such as ExpoArt-Japan, ExpoArt-London, ArtBrazil and Brazilian Eyes. She brought American painter Robert Swedroe and Brazilian painter Didi Marchi to the exhibit. As an artist and architect, Robert Swedroe’s multiple talents work off each other and recently, this interplay of design aesthetics culminated in an entirely new series of multimedia constructions. His latest works of collage and assemblage continue his tradition of challenging the boundaries between two and three dimensions. These new “higher-tech” creations now incorporate computer-generated elements, monochromatic fields, and a bolder, crisper array and arrangement of sumptuous, thought-provoking imagery. Didi Marchi has explored a variety of directions and themes over the years. Although her paintings are abstract in form, her inspiration comes from nature and the unconsciousness of risks and adventure. The artwork is generally large and evokes a unique sense of openness and delicacy; the conceptual quality of the final work, the spontaneity of colors and the random quality of staining are the most important elements of her expressionist art. These pieces offer a dose of the unexpected; they challenge the mind and stimulate the eyes. Color Beyond Symmetry and Horizons will take place from June 11th to September 30th and the exhibit will be open Monday thru Friday from 9 am to 4 pm at the BB Americas Bank Brickell branch located at 800 Brickell Avenue, Suite 103. For more information about BB Americas Bank and the BB Americas Bank Cultural Series visit

About Color Beyond Symmetry and Horizons:
The concept for Color Beyond Symmetry and Horizons comes from the ability of color applied in its various forms to create moods, emotions and even narratives. Shapes may portray strength and boldness or softness and tameness – it is all in the eye and imagination of the beholder. Whether the journey is obscure and deep or naive and light, the exhibitors hope that it leads the traveler to a place of endless creativity.