After Illusion: The Art of Urban Experience

Exhibition from March 12th to July 1st – 2015

BB Americas Bank presents “After Illusion: The Art of Urban Experience.” Bringing together, for the very first time, works from acclaimed contemporary artists, Pitágoras Lopez Gonçalves (Brazil), Patricia Lara Campiglia (Uruguay), and Bénédicte Blanc-Fontenille (France). These world-renowned artists will fill the opening season of the BB Americas Bank Cultural Series of 2015. The exhibition will open on Thursday, March 12, and will run through June 27.

“BB Americas Bank has always supported these cultural endeavors, and our main area of focus is in displaying the natural blend of cultures provided by our clients and our workers,” said BB Americas Bank president and CEO, Antonio Cassio Segura. “The works of Pitágoras Lopez Gonçalves show the inimitable talent of this Brazilian artist who hails from the state of Goias. His work will be shown alongside the art of Patricia Lara Campiglia and Bénédicte Blanc-Fontenille to complete the aesthetic for this inaugural exhibit.”

The exhibit’s curator is Ana Pecoraro, a Brazilian PhD with a special focus on art and architectural conservation. Pecoraro has a masters in Art History from the Conversation Centre of New York University. Ana Pecoraro synthesizes Gonçalves’ artistic vision: “He creates art the way it ought to be: his works touch through their vivid colors, composition, and depth. His art truly are images which speak a thousand words. They show us how incredible and beautiful the nature of man is. Interspersed with our modern-day inventions, it shows how these new trappings of modern life are isolating us from our natural state.”

Pitágoras Lopez Gonçalves was born in Goiânia in 1964. He became involved with a series of theater groups and art studios in order for him to earn the projection he sought. He was heavily influenced by the cosmic abstract present in many of the books he’d read, mostly science-fiction, cartoons, classic literature like Jules Verne, cinema, and the urban nightlife. His work is on display in public museums, cultural centers, and private galleries all around the world. His first exhibition in the United States was in 2008 for the PINTA gallery in New York, which has since moved to Miami.

The Uruguayan Patricia Lara Campiglia was born in Montevideo. Her artistic style is based on sporting a balanced composition combined with chromatic light effects. She has also worked extensively with paintings, sculpting, and tapestries. Through her work, she has made us re-evaluate our pre-conceived notions of humanity.

Bénédicte Blanc-Fontenille was born in France but has made her home in Miami since 2002. She graduated from the na Ecole des Beaux Arts and studied at Conservatoire d’art Dramatique. Her work can be found at The Art Center Foundation Ortiz Guardian Museum in Nicarágua and of Valmont Suisse. She has been commissioned by Cartier, Piaget, Sofitel, Alcoa International and she has been featured in a number of private showings in Louisiana, Florida, Canada, and Europe. She also translates the Impermanence.

Placing herself at the division of time and space the artist uses her medium to convey to us that our passage on Earth is just life going through the motions without adherence to the laws of time and space.