Special Offer for you

We know the importance of finding good partners for the growth of your company.

That is why we have created a partnership with APEX Brasil in Miami, a special offer, to support you at the beginning of your expansion to the United States.

Open your business account with us with the following benefits:

  • 1

    Waiver of the maintenance fee for your business account1

    Savings of $ 300
    ($ 25 monthly fee)

  • 1st
    Merchant Service

    Free Equipment

    Savings of approximately $200

  • 0%

    For the first 6 months on purchases on business credit card2

    This is a great opportunity to take advantage of supplier discounts.

This offer is valid only for customers referred by APEX Brasil.

1 – For exemption from the monthly maintenance fee in the amount of US$ 25 after the promotional period of the first 12 months, the balance of the account may not be less than
US$ 10,000 on any day of the cycle of the statement or the average monthly balance combined in linked Accounts may not be less than US$ 10,000 in the statement cycle. Linked Business Accounts include Checking, Savings, Money Market, and Certificate of Deposits under the same banking relationship.

2 – Subject to credit analysis and approval. If you cannot qualify for the requested credit card, Banco do Brasil Americas will consider offering you a secured credit card based on the bank’s rules and qualifying factors. To apply for a Business credit card with guarantee, it is necessary to open a 24 month CD (Certificate of Deposit) account and assign that CD as collateral of the card.