Banco do Brasil Americas. Always here for you.

We offer distinctive products and services to customers visiting the United States that are looking to expand their business, diversify their investments or simply live here in the land of Uncle Sam who are seeking a solid financial institution.

The biggest advantage is our service and the fact that we understand you. We are proud to serve you in your language through various channels such as:

Customer Service


One to one Services

In addition, our team represents the cultural diversity of South Florida. For example, in July 2018, our team was comprised of employees from 18 different countries. It feels good to talk to someone who knows your culture, right?

Our branches are located in the state of Florida but our digital branch and online solutions enable you to open an account or perform operations from any state or country through your computer.

Our solutions for personal accounts include:

  • Checking accounts;
  • Savings and interest-bearing accounts;
  • Credit Cards;
  • Auto Loans;
  • International transfers and more.

Our solutions for Business Accounts include:

  • Checking account;
  • Savings and accounts with remuneration;
  • Business credit card;
  • Payroll solutions;
  • Remote deposit;
  • Cash receipts and commercial loans.

Our mission is to build on what is important to you by being an innovative company that connects you with your goals.

Learn more about our solutions and open your account today.

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