Diversification of investments is a good strategy for your financial security.

You may remember the old saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. This saying is particularly true when dealing with diversification of investments. In fact, a diverse portfolio tends to be a smart strategy to mitigate possible losses. At Banco do Brasil Americas you will find a variety of solutions to achieve your financial objectives and to diversify your dollar investments.

Experts point out that variety in an investment portfolio can ensure a greater balance between risk and return. The inclusion of assets in the United States in to this mix increases the chances of boosting gains without excessive exposure to losses, since it is the world's leading economic power and it operates in dollars, a stable currency. The statistics confirm this tendency: according to data from the U.S. Consulate in São Paulo, the number of Brazilian investors in the U.S. market increased by 89% between 2012 and 2017, as shown by a report published on the IG/Economia website (https://economia.ig.com.br/2017-10-13/investimentos-nos-estados-unidos.html).

A wide variety of investments are available to those who do not live in the United States and it is fundamentally important to have the expertise of an investment professional that will always help you and take the time to develop an efficient portfolio.

Investment diversification is not easy, for that reason what is good for one investor may not be the best strategy for another. Consequently, BB Americas makes a diagnosis of the finances and the profile of each potential investor to find the best instruments.

The objective is to indicate options that guarantee a certain protection to deal with the unpredictability of the financial market. In other words, losses in some applications need to be offset by the profitability of others in the medium and long term.

In addition to investing in real estate through a simplified real estate financing process, BB Americas has several other types of accounts that offer fixed income. See more details below:

  • Savings Account: This account offers daily liquidity and a competitive interest rate **
  • CD Account: This account offers a fixed interest rate and has term options ranging from 6 months to 5 years. Depending on the amount deposited, the interest rate may be different **
  • Money Market Account: This account offers daily liquidity and a competitive interest rate. Depending on the amount deposited, the interest rate may be different **

For more sophisticated investment options, BB Americas offers, through its affiliate Banco do Brasil Securities LLC, a wide range of investment products and services *

These investments are open to international clients without requirement of a social security number, Florida Driver’s License or proof of US residence.

Please refer to the rate table on the following link: (www.bbamericas.com/en/rates). This table outlines our Interest rates and corresponding APY for the array of products we offer. BB Americas has rates competitive to our peers in the US Market.

Even if you have no previous experience with these types of investment products, remember that when dealing with your finances it is very important to have the advice of a bank that you know and trust.

Contact a representative of Banco do Brasil Americas to learn how to strategically diversify your investment portfolio in the United States.

BB Americas affiliate, Banco do Brasil Securities LLC, is a member of FINRA, NFA and SIPC, and offers a wide range of investment products and services.
* The investments offered by Banco do Brasil Securities LLC are not FDIC insured.
** All banking products and services offered by BB Americas are FDIC insured.