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Designed with you in mind, BB Americas offers complete and personalized solutions to improve your banking experience in the United States, including: Checking Account, Credit Cards and Interest Bearing Accounts. In addition, enjoy the benefit of having a specialized team that speaks your language.

e-Gold Checking Account Details3:
  • Daily purchase limit: $5.000,00
  • Daily cash limit: $1.000,00
  • To avoid $15.00 Maintenance Fee: The balance in the account may not fall below $10,000 any day of the statement cycle; or the combined monthly average balance in linked accounts4 may not fall below $10,000 within the statement cycle.
Savings, Money Market, CD and Credit Card Details:

With BB Americas you can customize and diversify your earnings. By opening a Checking Account you have access to our Savings, Money Market, CD and our Credit Card options.

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Our Online Account opening is available to:

  • Clients of BB S.A.; and/or
  • Employees of BB S.A.; and/or
  • CAPES/CNPq Scholars Holders of a BB Americas Prepaid Card.

A minimum deposit of $ 10,000.00 (for BB S.A. Customers) or $ 3,000.00 (For BB S.A Employees and CAPES/CNPq Prepaid Cardholders) is required for opening the account. This amount can be distributed between your checking account and other products.


If you do not meet the above requirements, you can still open your account presently at one of our local branches

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • 1 Domestic Customers refers to individuals who possess a Valid Social Security Number and a US address. International Customers refers to individuals who do not own a Valid Social Security Number.
  • 2 Mobile Banking: To access the Mobile App you must have a smartphone with access to a US app store. Mobile messages and data rates may apply.
    Receive Transfers from Brazil: Transfer must be made from a deposit account at Banco do Brasil S.A. to a checking or money market account at Banco do Brasil Americas. Access your account at You may make up to 4 transfers of $3,000 each for a maximum amount of $12,000 during a 30 day period. Talk to your account manager at BB S.A Branch in Brazil if you need to transfer more than $12,000.
    Send Transfers to Brazil: Transfers must be made from a Banco do Brasil Americas checking or money market account to Banco do Brasil S.A. A valid CPF is required for the beneficiary in Brazil. Access your Banco do Brasil Americas online account at and select BB Remessa Link. Limits: Minimum Amount $15; Maximum Daily Limit $2,999.99 (Maximum equivalent to R$9.999,99); Monthly Maximum Amount: $50,000. Additional Fees may apply.
    ATMs: Visit to find a Banco do Brasil Americas surcharge-free ATM.
  • 3 This account only offers e-statements. You must enroll in Online Banking within 30 days after the account is opened. This account does not offer access to some Online Banking tools (A2A, BILL PAY and POP Money). Outgoing wire transfers can be conducted through our Customer Service or local branch. The initial deposit to fund this account for BB S.A customers must come from the Banco do Brasil S.A account of the same ownership.
  • 4 Qualified linked accounts include Checking, Money Market, Savings, Certificate of Deposit and CD Individual Retirement Accounts (CD IRA) under the same banking relationship.
  • 5 This account only offer e-statements. You must enroll in Online Banking within 30 days after the account is opened.
  • 6 Fees could reduce the earnings on the account. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. After the maturity of the CD, you have 10 calendar days to withdraw funds without penalty. After that time it will automatically renew.
  • 7 Secured Credit Card applicants are required to open a Personal Secured Credit Card Checking Account or a 24-month CD and assign as collateral. The CD will automatically renew at the end of the 24 months.
  • FDIC insured up to the maximum allowed by law
  • Refer to "Miscellaneous Schedule of Fees" for other fees that may apply to your account (Please see schedule of fees)