For the second consecutive year, BB Americas is ranked among the top 200 banks in the US

MIAMI – June 2015 – Confirming their commitment to be a reliable and solid banking source for consumers, BB Americas was ranked among the top 200 healthiest banks in the US in 2014 and 2015 with a grade A+ in four categories: deposit growth, capitalization, texas ratio and texas ratio trend. Such achievement ranked the bank as one of only 6 banks named in Florida and 2 in Miami.

During the past year, the bank has approximately increased its loans by 114%, deposits by 81%, and assets by 68%.

"We are honored to be included as one of the top healthiest banks in the US for the second consecutive year", says Antonio Cassio Segura, CEO of BB Americas. "It is a recognition of our commitment for excellence and shows that BB Americas is following the solid and reliable tradition of its shareholder here in the US".

Banco do Brasil S.A., the shareholder of BB Americas, is the oldest and largest bank by assets in Latin America. It was founded in 1808 and has expanded to operate successfully in 24 countries worldwide. For more than 200 years, Banco do Brasil S.A. has been recognized as one of the most solid and reliable financial institutions in the world.

BB Americas is consistently seeking to improve its customer service and products with innovative solutions for domestic and international clients. The bank is committed to provide the best service and to continue to stand out as one of the top banks for its customers.

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About Banco do Brasil Americas

For over 200 years, Banco do Brasil S.A. has offered high standard products and services to customers in Latin America and in over 24 countries worldwide. In 2012, the bank expanded its model of quality and service to the US market. Banco do Brasil Americas was opened to deliver innovative solutions with personalized service in English, Portuguese and Spanish. The financial services we offer include personal and business checking, savings, and money market accounts; CDs; debit, prepaid, and credit cards; and domestic and international funds transfers. We also offer a full line of residential and commercial loans for all of our clients' banking needs. In addition to providing the high-quality products and services that have made Banco do Brasil S.A. a trusted name throughout the world, Banco do Brasil Americas continues the proud tradition of its parent company through supporting local education, culture, and sports through community outreach, financial support, and volunteer work.